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At Kimbo Egypt, We offer to quality coffee with different flavors stemming from different origin. Our blend packages are a range of coffee beans collected from differnet end of the world from – India to Peru, and all the way to Italy. Each flavor has its own aroma
according to the environment in which the plant was harvested in
In addition to the original blends, Kimbo Egypt has a wide range of coffee machines suited for both homes and offices and easy to use. Kimbo Egypt is also the first branch to introduce the coffee cream machine, as well as green coffee, and other different products to reach the lifestyle goals of our customers.

Coffee Capsules

Napoli blend of the finest Arabica and Robusta.

Coffee Capsules

Intenso Blend is dark roasted and has an intense aroma with a lingering aftertaste similar to dark chocolate’s.

Coffee Capsules

Armonia blend has a sweet and floral aroma, with
hints of spices.

Espresso Bar

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